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April 13, 2011

The Seri people of northern Mexico are really special.

When you are born, the village writes a song for you. This song travels with you your entire life. 

Once a year, the Seri celebrate the beginning of the earth, in a ritual that in any other place on earth would most likely involve an animal sacrifice. But when they go to the sea, capture a turtle (whom they believe to have created the earth), and bring it back to their village, they do not kill it. Rather they put it in the center of town and dance and sing around it, thanking it for it's gift. At the end they return to the sea and set it free.

And when someone dies, they don't know how to understand, contextualize, or handle it. They set the dead in the center of town and again they form a circle around her. For 3 days they cry. But really cry, sob, all the emotion possible pouring out. They do this straight until they pass out, fainting from exhaustion and despair, and the ceremony ends.